Ongoing Site Development

by Tim E Werner

Welcome to My Web Site

UPDATE 11.11 - I have been playing around with php forms, graphics and getting ready to explore cgi forms. I will then continue to get a decent prototype web site configured for the final project. Including, but not limited to: rehashing some of the areas I've been rusty on and getting some tangible cohesiveness to the site idea. I am getting excited about different things and hope to convey the enthusiasm in a pleasant, artist manner with a polished final product.

UPDATE - the first update and integration of CSS has started.

As this site is developed the content will expand and change. Style sheets and other developments will occur and amaze! (10/6/13)

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Links to LABS

As the Labs are completed more links will be added to the list.

More Things to Say

update 11.28

Not much to report. However, I've uploaded skeleton/framework for the Final Project, as well as holder pages for LAB4 and LAB7. Will get cracking and have another updater here soon!

update 11.3

Have not been the best webhead of late, but will strive to rectify that. Have been adding more pages for the school projects. Also, have set up an FTP folder for my gaming group to be able to corraborate. On a side note only semi-related to the site.... we did our first test run to feed in a virtual play via Google+ into our non-virtual tabletop Dungeons and Dragons Faerun campaign game. The victim that connected via the web said the audio feed worked good and continuous, except when too many people talked at once. The video... not as good, partially due to not being able to get good angle shots always onto the battle grid, partially because we were wireless instead of via CAT5, and probably another partial yet to be determined.


The ongoing updates and CSS3 integration has begun!

OLD Header = "Did I mention this is the bare-bones 1st Iteration?"

As this is the first iteration and almost no attention to formatting (styles) has been incorporated, the page will look very "bare bones" until it develops more.

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